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Curitel does not develop new technology just for the sake of technology itself. Rather, it pursues technology to enable people to lead better and happier lives. They promote convenience through the exploitation of Curitel. With such a mission in mind, Curitel formulates a long-term strategy of growing into one of the world's leading technology firms. They focus on investing in R&D activating to garner unsurpassed core technologies and quality, and implement advanced management systems to foster core competencies and marketing capabilities.

Curitel is fully aware of the significance of corporate responsibility to the community. They are committed to such worthy social programs as scholarships, donations for adolescent bread-earners and children who skip lunch in schools, as well as other funding initiatives led by various social welfare organizations such as the Hanuri Reading Campaign Center for Promotion of Reading. They also sponsor the Pantech Science Journalist Award for raising the awareness of basic science among the general public.

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