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Here at PhoneDog, you’ll find the best in AT&T compatible phones and wireless phone plans. Whether you’re searching for something family-friendly or a plan with more data than you can handle, you’ll find all of your options here on PhoneDog. Compare AT&T plans and phones side-by-side through the innovative PhoneDog tool. It’ll make your decision seem a whole lot less stressful, especially since you’ll be able to distinctly see what your choices are. PhoneDog is the place to make the most out of one of the largest wireless carriers in the United States.

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AT&T Plans

Whether you’re looking for a basic phone or smartphone, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for with AT&T. Check out all of the best ratings and reviews for AT&T here at PhoneDog.

Company Overview: AT&T -- The nation's largest 4G network — and it's getting faster with 4G — serving millions of customers and enabling them to travel and communicate seamlessly with the best worldwide wireless coverage — offering the most phones that work in the most countries. Offering voice coverage in more than 225 countries, data roaming in more than 205 countries and mobile broadband in more than 145 countries.* *Source AT& May 2013. Following AT&T's merger with BellSouth in December 2006, Cingular Wireless is now solely owned by AT&T.

Special Plan Features: Rollover service allows subscribers to carry unused minutes from month-to-month; Myriad monthly plans include free mobile-to-mobile and optional unlimited nights/weekends and family calling; Data services available for phones/PDAs, BlackBerry devices, and laptops; Pre-paid service available.

Unique Features: Rollover minutes; Downloadable games, ringtones, and other entertainment; "MEdia Net" mobile Internet service for phones; Only major GSM carrier with push-to-talk service.

Pros: Nationwide service coverage and monthly plans competitive with all major carriers; Rollover minutes provide added value; Extensive selection of data and entertainment add-ons; GSM network supports many phones. Cons: Notable customer service complaints in wake of merger with AT&T Wireless in 2004.

Customer Service: Read AT&T reviews

Technology Used: AT&T operates nationwide GSM voice networks with GPRS and EDGE data services. Newly launched "BroadbandConnect" UMTS/HSDPA high-speed network.

Network Benefits: Nationwide coverage including high speed data services; Enterprise services for businesses - Cingular is the largest BlackBerry provider in North America; Push to talk service.