PhoneDog's Editorial Team

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from Arizona

Evan is a Contributing Editor for PhoneDog. He's been in the mobile industry for more than seven years, in one capacity or another. He's always had a passion for technology as a whole, but smartphones will always hold a special place of interest for him. He's a father, a student, and a lover of food. His other passions include hockey, soccer, baseball, video games, and movies. He'll talk your ear off about all of those things, if you give him the chance.

Cam Bunton
Senior Managing Editor from Cumbria, UK

A film school graduate from the University of Cumbria, UK, Cam’s past life was in mobile phone retail. His passion for cell phones got him in to that industry, and then in to this one. A family man with three kids, he somehow manages to balance his PDog/TmoNews duties with family life and a runaway Twitter addiction. He also happens to be the British version of Seth Rogen...

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from Kansas City, MO

Anna is a Contributing Editor at She was born and raised in Kansas City, which ironically is not located in Kansas, but in neighboring Missouri. She has an ornery son named Riley, who may or may not be more obsessed with technology than she is. Her passions include writing, drawing, gaming, music, and of course mobile tech! She's been a member of the PhoneDog team since August of 2012 and is a serial cell phone hoarder.

Marco Hanna
Senior Multimedia Producer from Nashville, TN

Marco Hanna is a Senior Multimedia Producer for He has been creating YouTube videos ever since 2007 for various YouTube Channels. His debut at PhoneDog featured your dose of the Weekly Bone and a non-mobile segment called 'The Tech Inside'. Now he's reviewing all the latest in mobile on the PhoneDog YouTube Channel. 

Yael Kent
Contributing Editor from California

Yael Kent is a contributing editor here at PhoneDog. She loves cell phones, blogging, and interesting tech news!

Beau Hamilton
Tech Video Producer from Portland, OR

Beau has been producing tech videos for several years on his YouTube channel 'Beau HD' and has recently began contributing content for PhoneDog. Native to the Pacific Northwest, Beau enjoys playing basketball, hiking, and most recently snowboarding. While he can always appreciate a road-trip to the mountain or the coast, he rarely strays too far from technology. Beau is currently studying business and film in hopes of furthering his technology career.

Adam Oram
Contributing Editor from Bradford, UK

Adam is a Contributing Editor at PhoneDog as well as Managing Editor at sister site Today's iPhone. A Media and Communications graduate from Newcastle University in the UK, Adam is a Bradford City FC fanatic and self-confessed tech-nerd.

The PhoneDog
Mascot from Charleston, SC

Last but certainly not least, the PhoneDog himself chimes in every once in a while with some obscure news and interesting reads.

Rumor Dog
Rumor Czar from Charleston, SC

The Rumor Dog sniffs out and tracks down the most illusive industry buzz, digging his way to the truth!

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Portland, OR

Editorial Director of News and Content for PhoneDog Media. Arsenal, beer, video games. Can be followed on Twitter at @alw. I participate in the Amazon Associates program, which means I may earn a commission from purchases made through affiliate links.

Logan Abbott
President / Contributing Editor from California

Logan is the President of PhoneDog, as well as a contributing editor. Logan has been a cell phone geek since his first LG flip camera phone, and loves things all mobile tech.

Peter Cao
Contributing Editor from Chicago, IL

Peter has a passion for music and technology. He conceits himself by religiously rocking the Apple brand.  You can find him on Twitter @iPeterCao.