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Sydney Myers

If Sydney were to describe herself in the third person, she would say that she is a witty, intelligent (though slightly absent-minded) technology professional who specializes in mobile devices. She would then tell you some child-hood story that would prove how "into" technology she is. Something like, "When Sydney was six years old, her family bought their first computer, a Packard Bell PC with Windows 3. She quickly fell in love with technology and has been exploring gadgets ever since."

She started her writing career as a free-lance writer for as the Dallas Gadgets Examiner. Prior to this job, she worked for a small communications company as a Graphics Designer. Sydney is now the Teen Lifestyle Editor for PhoneDog. She reviews featurephones and mid-range smartphones. She is also the host of PhoneDog Live, a weekly live podcast with video where the latest in mobile news and reviews is discussed.

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